Beautiful Blinds

We can offer a selection of blinds and shutters to compliment your new windows and doors.

From electric roller blinds that can be programmed to work around you, integral blinds that sit neatly within the glass panes, pleated blinds that fit to the glass face or traditional shutters. We can supply them all.

All of these can be installed to existing windows, as well as your new windows.

Electric Roller Blinds

These blinds sit above your window or doors and can be fitted either during the installation or at a time to suit you after. The electric blinds sit within an aluminium cassette, that also houses the motor. The aluminium cassette can be powder coated to suit your doors or windows. If the aluminium fascia doesn’t suit your home or style, a fabric pelmet can be installed.

The are operated by remote control but can have a manual option also. The blinds can be integrated in to your existing home automation system. A huge selection of fabrics allows you to customise the blinds to suit your decor, black out blinds are also available. These blinds provide added energy efficiency, keep harmful rays at bay and  can programmed to open and close when you wish, giving added security too.

Integral Blinds

As with most of our products, we strongly believe that not every product is the right match for every client. We offer a range of integral blinds, some that are operated by remote control, some that are raised and lowered using slim magnets that sit on the discreetly face of the glass and some that are operated with a more traditional pull cord.

Complete your new windows and doors or conservatory which offer a great solution to control light in your home. Integral blinds offer a number of benefits, including:

Our blinds provide the thermal performance of insulated glass with the additional benefits of operable integral blinds.  Not only do our blinds provide control over privacy and natural light, but they also let you control the amount of solar heat that enters your home.

A fantastic solution offering elegance and style whilst giving you the privacy you need within your home. Blinds move in sync with doors and windows and are unobtrusive.

No need for all that cleaning and dusting needed with conventional blinds, not necessary as they are supplied within the glazing unit. Any allergy sufferers in your household will also benefit from the dust and germ free installation.

Key benefits

  • Dust free, hygienic and maintenance free
  • Maintain privacy whilst allowing light in
  • Ideal in rooms where blinds would get wet such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • No dust, Moisture or bacteria build-up.
  • A modern and stylish look, available in standard & bespoke colour options.


Micro Pleated Blinds

A simple and elegant blind that is fitted securely to the glazing bead around your windows and doors. The blind can be raised and lowered manually. The blind offers additional thermal benefits and give you the ability to control the light and your privacy. There are no magnets, cords or controls to obscure your new windows and doors. These pleated blinds are available at a fraction of the cost of integral or our roller blind option and are available in a range of colours to suit your home.

As the blinds sit on the face of the glass they can be installed to new windows and doors as well as your existing windows and doors. They also have an option of light weight, mid weight and black out blinds.